Given that network extends throughout the whole of the Republic of Srpska, Academic Research Network of the Republic of Srpska is a typical computer network that covers a wider geographical area or Wide Area Network.

Backbone Network was built with passive optical infrastructure of "Mtel" Joint Stock Company. Fast, reliable and high-quality connections in the Network as well Global Internet Network were provided by TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) protocols and optical technologies for data transmission.

In order to ensure the achieved quality of transmission, optical technologies for data transmission were also used for the implementation of the Network Access. The PI "SARNET" Banja Luka provided the number of points of presence (POPs) that enable the physical access to the Academic Network and its services, and connect one or more institutions to the Academic Network. All POPs are connected by optical links to the Backbone Network.

Considering the fact that all our passive and active network equipment supports Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-X) all users are interconnected by extremely high-speed connections thereby providing technologically modern computing networking environment.

The external connection to the Pan-European Research Network (GÉANT) has been carried out in cooperation with the Academic Network of Serbia - AMRES.